Free Book – Making Of

So You Want My Free Mini-Book?

That must mean you enjoyed reading Useless Crap From Around the House: The Sullivan Family Garage Sale.

If that’s true, please help an author out, before you grab the free download below.

Will you: pop over to Amazon and leave your honest review?

Amazon puts great weight on the number of (and quality of) reviews that books get, and of course, I, as an author, put great weight on being well-loved by Amazon 🙂

Here’s the direct link (it opens in a new window): CLICK HERE to LEAVE A REVIEW


Now — about that free book:

Here’s the heart-breaking, behind-the-scenes story of how Danno’s Useless Crap book came to be.

The good news: you can read the whole thing in about seven minutes and get on with your day.

The bad news: you may never see “books” the same way, once you’ve been exposed to the seemy underside of the publishing business.

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Available in all ebook formats and PDF for your EZ-downloading pleasure.

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