Shareable Internet Memes

Enjoy and Annoy. Free social memes.

Your Friends.

And their damn Internet declarations.

You can fight back–and without making the problem worse!

  • Stand up proud for something you may or may not believe in!
  • Irritate your uncompromising friends by being compromising!
  • Make the commitment to being non-committal!

Just share these strangely not-controversial images with your friends.

You’ll look like one of those people–you know, the ones who get it? You’ll be posting pithy slogans, that at first seem like they ought to annoy someone. And yet, when it comes right down to it, they’re only almost controversial.


To SHARE ‘N’ ANNOY,  just click on the links below to get to the image, then use the SHARE button. (Or share this entire article with the link below).

[foogallery id=”6844″]



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