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Thanks, Friends

Thanks for the loving support as I struggle to self-publish my book. And thanks even more to an unknown angel who helped get me through a rough patch by buying my copy of Milton Berle’s Personal Joke File for $8 (two dollars less than I was asking, but everything helps at a time like this!) #2ndMoneyAsAuthor!

Change of Plan

SELF-PUBLISHING — any advice? Gotta do it on the cheap, having spent 95% of my budget on now-fired profreader, two lawyers, seven-year-old story consultant, and hardback copy of “Milton Berle’s Personal Joke File.” (Note: could sell Joke File for about $10, if that would make a difference).


In my post about firing my proofrader, I made reference to my quality bs. Of course, I meant ms. For “manuscript.” I don’t know how these things slip through.

Li’l Danny’s Big Book Proclamation:

It’s been a hard few weeks with publishers, lawyers, not to mention the 7-year-old story consultant (water down the drain!).

SO: I’m going it alone.

Publishers? Who needs ‘em? We live in the electronic age!

Profraders? Screw ‘em!

Cover designers? Haven’t I got a box of colored pencils, same as them?

All I need is my quality bs and you, my loyal readership. Who’s in?

This’ll show ’em

BOOK UPDATE: After all the fuss over cultural appropriate (a term we get from the French); all the problems over “spelling vs. misspelling;” complaints about lazy characterization and a plot that “could be conceived by a six-year-old,” I’ve decided to hire a seven-year-old instead, just to show the bastards a thing or two.


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